How to Maintain the Value of your Car

How to Maintain the Value of your Car



These days we’re all a little bit more careful with our cash. It’s no surprise then that when we’re shopping around for new cars, we want to get the best price possible for our old one.  The good news is, that with proper care, you can ensure your car maintains the best possible value. Here are our top tips for keeping your car tip top:


Treat new cars like you’d treat your grandmother!

Some of us are a bit guilty of being a bit rough and ready with our new cars but that’s very short sighted. A lack of care can see you getting a lower price than you’d like when it comes to selling it later on. Treating your car well will pay dividends. Excessive heat or cold can wreak havoc on the paintwork so store indoors when possible. If it’s not possible then use covers, particularly in extremes of weather. Even good old sunshine can bleach and damage the paint work.


Be a canny buyer

Some cars depreciate less than others over time. Choosing carefully when buying new cars will be a worthwhile exercise. According to experts CAP, when it comes to new cars the Dacia Duster is set to hold its value better than other SUVs and the Abarth 500 maintains its price better than any other supermini.  Do your research before you buy.


Don’t add salt!

With the snow and ice we’re getting more often these days here in Devon cars are getting covered in salt. You’ll have noticed how quickly it makes your car look dirty. Unfortunately that’s not the only downside. Salt can also increase the chances of rust setting in – a big no-no for new cars. Combat it by giving your car a regular wash down in the winter.


Keep up to date with your books

A regular car service doesn’t just give you peace of mind that things are running smoothly. It does the same for potential buyers.  A full car service history adds value and some experts say this can be as much as £1000 or more.


Handle with care

It’s a nationwide issue, but here in Devon cars have to contend with potholes and narrow and winding country lanes causing drivers to often have to stop suddenly. Driving in this kind of environment can damage your car’s wheels, tyres and suspension. Vospers Service Director of 5 years, Gerry Jones, explains “if you think you have caused any damage to your suspension, wheels or tyres from hitting a pothole, it is very important that you have your vehicle checked.”


Think car rental for holidays

It goes without saying that lower mileage means higher price when it comes to cars. Keeping your mileage in mind, consider car rental if you’re planning to make a long journey such as a trip abroad. In the long-run the car rental price will be worth it.


Protect your interior

Protecting the inside of new cars is as important as the outside. For example, if you’re often travelling with kids in the back, use seat protectors to protect the backs of your seats from scuffing with little feet. Likewise with pets, no-one wants a doggy smelling car so be sure to fit out the boot with protective covers when Fido is on board. Before selling have a professional valet.