Jon Adams Mustang

Iconic surprise for dad-to-be with heartbreaking condition



Dad-to-be Jon Adams recently visited Vospers Ford Plymouth to collect his new car on the Motability Scheme but got more than he could ever have dreamed of.

Jon Adams, diagnosed at 24 with Motor Neurone Disease, has created a bucket list of things he’d like to do while he is still healthy enough to do them and has started ticking them off one by one.

One such bucket list activity is to watch England play at Wembley. Jon was telling the Vospers Ford team that this weekend he is ticking off that particular item as he is off to Wembley to watch England vs Czech Republic in a UEFA Euro Qualifier. Jon didn’t expect what happened next…

Vospers Ford Sales Manager, Aaron Silcock, and Motability Specialist Matthew Harmer, took Jon out front to show him the iconic Ford Mustang GT demonstrator and asked, Jon assumed jokingly, “fancy a ride to and from the game in that?” Jon thought they were joking but of course said yes and to his surprise it was a genuine offer!

Jon will now be travelling to and from the match with Matthew, his Motability Specialist, in the bright orange Ford Mustang GT.

“A dream come true” Jon told Plymouth Herald; “I was supposed to be going up on a MegaBus!”

For many, being diagnosed with such a disease at such a young age could bring life to a standstill, but not Jon. He’s on a mission to complete his list and tackle them all. His sister has helped by starting a Just Giving page which is currently 400% over target and has allowed Jon to do things he has always wanted to.

Matthew Harmer, Vospers Ford Motability Specialist, told Plymouth Herald he was “more than happy” to help him tick a couple of things off his list.

Jon started experiencing symptoms when was just 22 years old. Now expecting a baby with partner Holly, he spoke with Plymouth Herald earlier in the year. You can read the full article on the surprise Mustang for Match-day and find out more about Jon, Holly and Motor Neurone Disease on Plymouth Herald here.