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Ever delayed starting a car journey until you have chosen just the right music for your trip? Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard has the answer. His new track “Momentum” incorporates the latest scientific thinking into the music choices that can boost mood on our daily drives.

According to a study commissioned by Ford with Spotify and New York University (NYU), music with a driving beat is best. Surprisingly, sad tunes that have a melancholy feel work just as well as happier tracks.

For his track, Goddard consulted Amy Belfi , a cognitive neuroscientist from NYU, who conducted the new research into the science of sound and emotion while on the move; the resulting track is an atmospheric homage to his love of great driving soundtracks.

“I was inspired to create a gentle disco piece that’s quietly optimistic in mood rather than full-on euphoric,” Goddard said. “I started thinking of times I’ve been driving home late from DJing gigs all over the U.K. Listening to music in the car when there are no interruptions and you can really crank the system up – that’s when I’ve had some of my best musical experiences ever.

“I wanted to make the track quite free and give that sense of collective energy that can make an audience lose its mind when you get it right.”

Goddard also has put together an exclusive driving playlist for Ford and Spotify, featuring artists as diverse as Gladys Knight and the Pips, Depeche Mode and Yellow Magic Orchestra;

Belfi’s research revealed that the right choice of music on the morning commute could boost driver mood for up to two hours. Further tracks designed to put a lasting smile on our faces as we make the journey to and from work will follow from German electro-dance duo Mat.Joe and soulful British artist NAO. Each track will be accompanied by a video produced by VICE, showing the evolution of each tune.

“We were excited to share the results of this scientific insight with the artists to give them the opportunity to create something special,” said Marcel Breker, engineer, Ford of Europe. “The immersive B&O PLAY system in the all-new Fiesta gives drivers the perfect space to listen to these exciting new adventures in sound.”