Vauxhall accesible EV.

Vauxhall Pushes for EV Charger Accessibility



According to exclusive new Freedom of Information research by Vauxhall just 2.3% of the UK’s on-street EV chargers are adapted to be accessible for disabled motorists. This displays a clear need to improve EV Charger accessibility in the UK.

EV Charger Accessibility Research

Vauxhall analysed data from UK councils to assess how well on-street EV chargers consider disabled drivers. The data revealed that there is limited accessibility for disabled drivers at these public charging points. Only 450 of the recorded 19,456 on-street charge points have been adapted specifically for the needs of disabled drivers

The findings also revealed that, only 105 (0.5%) on-street charge points are positioned in disabled parking bays. As well as just 238 (1.2%) chargers that conform to the British Standards Institution’s guidelines introduced in 2022 to provide a minimum standard accessibility of public charge points.

Accessible EV Chargers.

With over 16 million disabled people in the UK, Vauxhall acknowledges that the needs of disabled drivers aren’t being met. As well as this, research by the Motability Foundation predicts that 1.35 million disabled drivers will rely on public charging by 2035. Installing accessible charging infrastructure is crucial to ensuring an inclusive Britain as we continue to make the move to electric.

How can Vauxhall Help?

Through their online portal, UK motorists can register their interest in on-street charging. This comes with the option to specify disability-accommodating features for chargers. Aiming to ensure a smooth transition to EVs for everyone.

Vauxhall Electric Strets of Britain.

As a founding member and long-standing partner of the Motability Scheme, Vauxhall understands the needs of disabled drivers. They offer a range of electric vehicles suited for various disabilities. This includes the Corsa Electric, Mokka Electric, and spacious options like the Astra Electric, Combo Life Electric, and Vivaro Life Electric which can seat up to nine!

Together, lets ensure the future of motoring is accessible to everyone.