Vospers Strengthens Stellantis partnership



Vospers has been a popular destination for car shoppers in Devon & Cornwall for almost 80 years. You may have been to their multi-franchise motor park located at Marsh Mills in Plymouth. Recently it has seen several upgrades as they strengthen their partnership with Stellantis, a company that represents 14 iconic automotive brands.

Vospers Stellantis showrooms.

As you may well know, Vospers represent several Stellantis brands (Fiat, Abarth, and Peugeot) across the South West. Having dealerships located not only at the Plymouth head office motor park, but also in Exeter & Truro, and Torbay. With the recent addition of Vauxhall to Plymouth in 2023, they have continued to grow their ties with Stellantis.

As well as this, the team at Vospers have strengthened the partnership with Stellantis by heavily investing in brand new showrooms! This includes moving two of Stellantis’ brands showrooms. Fiat & Abarth and Peugeot have moved into new showrooms next to their newly adopted Stellantis sibling, Vauxhall.

Vospers New Peugeot Showroom

Alongside moving closer to their Stellantis relatives, The Peugeot has received a brand-new state-of-the-art showroom in Plymouth. Packed full of the latest technology, colourful light displays, and a new customer pod layout. This has created an experience like no other for showroom visitors.

“The investment in re-locating and upgrading our Peugeot showroom is something my father and I are extremely proud of. The new-look showroom offers a comprehensive and exciting range for both new and existing customers.” Nick Vosper, Managing Director

Vospers New Fiat & Abarth Showroom

Fiat and Abarth, which share a joint showroom, have been relocated to join Peugeot and Vauxhall at the entrance of the motor park. They have been moved into a newly constructed showroom which is adjacent to Vauxhall which is now open for visitors!

New Vospers Stellantis Fiat and Abrth showroom.

“The recent investment in our Marsh Mills Motor Park shows our commitment to the future of motoring in the South West. As we continue to drive forwards, delivering our customers the best possible car buying experience when they choose to visit Vospers.” Nick Vosper, Managing Director

Vospers New Vauxhall Showroom

The newly acquired Vauxhall franchise has also had a showroom upgrade. The acquisition of Vauxhall into the Vospers family kick-started the upgrade works at Marsh Mills. The Vauxhall model range are now well represented at their new home at Vospers.

“Adding Vauxhall to our family of brands was an opportunity my son and I couldn’t pass-up. We had to welcome them to a temporary showroom initially, but we are now pleased to have given the brand, and Vauxhall customers, the new showroom home we promised them.” Peter Vosper, Vospers Chairman


Vospers have strengthened ties with Stellantis by onboarding Vauxhall and upgrading both the Fiat & Abarth and Peugeot showrooms located in Plymouth. All three state of the art Stellantis brand showrooms are now open for you to visit! Further exciting news from Vospers is predicted to be announced in the coming weeks.

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