Bristol Beats London for Congestion



50% of drivers of new cars in Devon think driving in the South West is better than the rest of the UK but a study has revealed that drivers in Bristol suffer worse congestion than London.

When we quizzed 1,000 drivers of new cars in Devon and Cornwall recently we discovered that over 50 per cent thought that driving in the South West was better than other parts of the UK. It seems that the majority of our thousand motorists must have been from outside Bristol then as a study by sat-nav company TomTom this week revealed that Bristol has beaten London to become the second worst city in the country for congestion.

The Congestion Index 2012 compiled by TomTom revealed that drivers travelling during peak hours in Bristol suffered a journey that on average took 31 per cent longer than in free flowing traffic. Those of us here at Vospers Exeter or Plymouth who spend a bit of time in Bristol agree with the stats! Belfast scooped the number one spot at 32 per cent longer. London was in third position demonstrating that perhaps the congestion charge is paying off in lightening traffic on the roads during peak hours.

We should all spare a thought though for drivers in Moscow who suffer the worst congestion in Europe according to the stats. Their journeys apparently take 66% longer in peak hours. They must have to get up pretty early to make it to work on time.

Those of us who have ever been stuck in traffic jams while in a hurry to get somewhere will find it hard to believe but the UK didn’t even get a look in to the top ten worst cities for congestion at all.

What has been the longest you’ve been stuck in a traffic jam?