Car Care Top Tips: Interior Care



Car Care Top Tips: Interior Care

When it comes to new cars most drivers are obsessed about protecting their car’s paintwork from chips, nicks and scratches.

The interior though can come under just as much stress and is just as prone to damage as the exterior. From dirty feet to pets, pushchairs and shopping, your new cars interior goes through it all and that’s not even thinking about sun or water damage. Here’s our guide to keeping your interior looking as good as new.


Get rid of debris

Using a soft bristled brush sweep upholstery to remove any crumbs or loose bits of dirt. If your pet has left their mark with lots of hair then a rubber bristle brush is best for taking care of this. Use a tiny brush to remove dust and debris from nooks and crannies in the dash. Remove the mats and shake them to loosen any debris. Vacuum the entire interior and the mats.


Working with leather

If you invested in leather interiors when you purchased your new car then you’ll want to keep it at its best. Dark leather needs cleaning at least 2 – 3 times a year, if it’s lighter leather then even more often. This will protect it from damage caused by dirt or the oils from your skin.

To stop the leather from drying out and cracking, it needs conditioning even more often if you can. Every 30 days is ideal Specialist leather cleaners and conditioners are available so do make use of them to keep your upholstery at its best.


Taking care of hard surfaces

The hard surfaces of your new cars interior can become dull if it’s not taken care of regularly.  If there is mud or any visible dirt on the area then apply a damp cloth to the area before tackling with a specialist car interior product.  To avoid scratching always use a microfibre cloth.

In the Vospers Plymouth car service centre and Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) departments, we use and recommend AutoGlym.  Apply the cleaning product to the cloth rather than directly to the surface to avoid making it overly wet.  Don’t forget to clean around the door frames as well as the dash board.



Use a glass cleaner intended for use on car windows to polish all window. Don’t be tempted to use anything else as you could find yourself with smeary windows and therefore reduced visibility. A microfibre cloth is the best to use on windows. If you’re stuck with sticky bits from old stickers or car park tickets then apply a tiny bit of methylated spirits on a microfibre cloth to the affected area. Be sparing as it’s a pretty strong smell.


Protect your investment

Giving your new cars interior a good clean and polish regularly is one thing but what else can you do to protect it?

The sun can have a huge impact on how well your interior fares. Those cardboard sun visors aren’t just great for keeping it cool inside, they’re great for preventing sun bleaching too.

When you can, park your car undercover. Of course, always use car mats too to protect the floor from every day wear and tear and mud and grease.  In most service centres, such as the Vospers Exeter or Plymouth Car Service centres, full detailing can be offered as part of a package. It’s worth considering letting the experts restore your new cars interior to pristine condition and then you’ll have an easier maintenance job in between.