Driving on a Budget Series: How to Cut the Cost of Motoring



There is always plenty in the news about the rising cost of motoring. For most of us, it’s an essential part of daily life and we just wouldn’t be able to function as well without our trusty car.


Driving on a Budget Series: How to Cut the Cost of Motoring

The good news is though, that there are some practical steps you can take to keep your motoring costs as low as possible whether you’re driving new cars or used cars.

Adopting just a few of these tips could save you a couple of hundred pounds a year – the cost of a nice weekend away. What have you got to lose?


Get savvy with incentives

Whether it’s little or lots, all drivers have to fill up on fuel some times. Make the most of it by being sure to capitalise on any incentives such as using a cash back debit card or being sure to use a Tesco Club Card every time.


Lose some weight

We don’t mean cutting out the pasties – although that actually would help! Getting rid of any clutter in your car that is adding to the overall weight can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 2% according to the RAC.  On an average weekly spend of £40 that could save you over £40 per year at least. It all adds up.


Chill out – Not

Though air conditioning systems are far more efficient than they once were, they do still use fuel. Experts advise that using the air con only when driving at a high speed and just rolling down the windows when driving at a lower speed could make your car around 8% more fuel efficient.


A little pre-exam study

When your car is due for an MOT, doing a few simple checks beforehand can sometimes avoid a fail and the subsequent cost of a re-test. Many fails are due to a simple light bulb being out so check them all before taking your car in. Vospers is a leading Plymouth MOT centre.  Our Director of Car Servicing at Vospers, Gerry Jones, offers this advice:  “It’s a good idea to check your car’s windscreen washer bottle is topped up, that your car’s lights are all working and your tyres are legal before your vehicle’s MOT.”


Make friends with other drivers

Of course driving less in general is a way to cut the cost of motoring but you still need to get from A to B, whether it’s the school run or the way to work. Car sharing with others doing the same trip is good for your costs, the environment and your social life!


Compare insurers

If you fail to compare several insurer’s prices then you could be spending over £100 a year more than you have to. There are plenty of comparison sites out there so make the effort and you could be surprised how much you could save.


Change your bad driving habits

Accelerating uses fuel and over-revving is a prime culprit for elevated fuel consumption. Keep your revs under 3000 for maximum efficiency.  Using a too low gear also adds to fuel usage so always select the highest gear possible.


Don’t be deflated

Your car can be 3% more fuel efficient with properly inflated tyres so check them often and keep them fully inflated.


These are just a few of our top tips for cutting the cost of driving but we’re sure you have plenty more. Please do share them with us and other south west car owners.