Green Motoring Series: Green Motoring Tips



The environment is a concern for all of us. Recently we asked our Vospers customers who are all motoring in the South West regularly to share their thoughts on it with us.

Over 80% of you said you’d like more tips for greener motoring.  This isn’t just about looking at green cars such as hybrid cars and electric cars because there are also easy ways to cut fuel consumption every day, whatever you drive.


Green Motoring Series: Green Motoring Tips


Look after your car

Car servicing is part of the cost of owning a car. It can be tempting to miss one or two when you’re busy. However, a regular car service is essential to keep your engine running fuel efficiently. Stick to your manufacturer’s guidelines to keep it in the best condition.


Plan Ahead

A cold engine is a less efficient engine so instead of making several shorts trips to run errands in a day, try to plan your day so that you can run each errand during the same journey. It will save you time as well as cut fuel consumption and your car costs!


Turn off unused electrics

Lots of us are guilty of driving our entire journey with our air-con or rear heated window on without giving it a second thought. Both of these use more fuel so you’re wasting your money and having a bigger impact on the environment than necessary. Turn off any electric car features that you don’t need.


What green cars can do for you

Green cars have really come of age and now there is a much wider variety on offer out there. From a range of hybrid cars, such as the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 which is one of the top hybrid cars, to pure electric cars,  such as the Nissan Leaf, manufacturers are giving the issue of greener motoring more and more consideration.  In addition to the fact that the government currently offers a 25% grant when you buy an electric car UK drivers can also benefit from savings on road fund licence and congestion charges for example. As well as reducing the cost of owning a car in the long term of course eco cars have a far reduced impact on the environment.


Change your driving habits

Simple changes in the way that you drive or manage your car can also improve fuel efficiency.  Keeping tyres inflated properly and not carrying more weight in the car than you need will cut your fuel consumption as there is less pressure on the engine. Also using your engine to slow down rather than using the brakes more often than you need to will also do this.