Eoghan Grace of Plymouth Albion Gets Muddy with the Jeep Wrangler

Eoghan Grace of Plymouth Albion Gets Muddy with the Jeep Wrangler



The Jeep Wrangler and Eoghan Grace have a fair bit in common. They both have sturdy frames and look pretty good on the exterior. Most of all though, they both like nothing better than spending a few hours getting seriously muddy. As flanker for Plymouth Albion, Eoghan Grace isn’t shy of a bit of rough and tumble and so when looking for someone to get tough with the Jeep Wrangler in Devon, he’s your man. Here’s what he said about his off road experience:

Heavy rain and wind are normally the reasons not to drive but when you’ve a nice shiny white Jeep Wrangler waiting for a test drive there are no better conditions. Newham Parks off road circuit was where I was going to be unleashing the beast and I couldn’t wait to get out there. From first sight I thought the Wrangler looked awesome with its chunky features and big off road wheels. This was going to be fun!

I jumped in the shiny tank and thought the interior was as impressive as the exterior. From the dash to the comfort of the seats, plus the fact the hard roof could be removed. I thought the Wrangler just felt cool.

Next up was the muddy, hilly tracks and I couldn’t wait. We started on a steady flat with some bumps and hollows but that was a piece of cake for the Wrangler. Our first incline approached and my co-pilot told me how to use the Wrangler to full effect. He filled me about the difference between the high range gears and the low range gears. We used the 4 wheel drive in low range mostly and the Wrangler went into a world of its own.

With the touch of a button you have a Jeep that pretty much drives itself. The incline with surface water and mud had no effect on our grip. When it came to the steep decline I was told ‘no pedals, just steer’. Me being used to a manual thought, this guy must be crazy. However I went with it. No pedals, just steering and the Wrangler took over. It went into a slow steady pace, taking every rock, dip and hollow in its stride. I couldn’t believe it. This is too easy I thought. A little acceleration here and there and we managed the course with ease. Through rivers, sticky mud and over tree roots and we had made it back to base. This machine had made off roading look easy and gave me a buzz to get out there for more. What a vehicle. I can’t compliment this 4×4 enough. It was a really fun experience and opened my eyes to the world of off roading. The Jeep Wrangler would definitely be my weapon of choice!!

 Thanks for sharing your experience with us Eoghan. Sounds like you had a great time and all the better for a bit of bad weather.