Explorer Antony Jinman puts the Jeep Compass through its paces

Explorer Antony Jinman puts the Jeep Compass through its paces



We all know that the Jeep is a sturdy vehicle ready for anything but it’s always good to know that a vehicle comes with the seal of approval from someone really in know. When the team at Vospers in Plymouth were looking for someone to put the latest Jeep Compass through its paces who better than Antony Jinman, renowned explorer and Plymouth local to do the job? The Jeep Compass was Antony’s trusty companion as he prepared for his next incredible adventure, a solo journey of 750 miles to the Geographic South Pole. Would this ultimate explorer find the integrated SatNav useful on these shores or does he prefer a good old fashioned compass? Here’s what Antony had to say about the Jeep Compass.

When Vospers offered me a Jeep Compass to help with planning for the South Pole expedition I was over the moon and I can honestly say what started out as a useful vehicle to get around quickly became part of the expedition team. In preparation for the expedition we put the vehicle through some rigorous tests, long days training on the moors, carrying large amounts of expedition kit and even turning the vehicle in to a communication test centre were all part of what we subjected the vehicle to.

Firstly, if, like me, dragging tyres on the moors is your thing then the Jeep Compass is right up your street. There is ample space in the back to load at least 4 tyres, ropes and harnesses and the vehicle can more than handle getting off-road.

I found the Jeep Compass a comfortable ride and equipped with a whole host of technology which allows you to adjust almost everything to your exact requirements. It takes a short while to familiarise yourself with all the buttons but after a short trip it all begins to make sense. It is also equipped with a nifty reversing feature. When you put the car into reverse the dash board becomes illuminated and cameras mounted in the bumper show you any obstacles that are hiding behind the car.  

On the road the Jeep Compass performs well and even loaded with all the kit needed to get from Plymouth to the South Pole it responded effortlessly. The six-speed gearbox was a welcome addition on the long journey to Heathrow.

Finally the best feature on the car has to be the heated seats, as a polar explorer the luxury of warmth at the push of a button is a welcome feature and a memory that I will carry with me on the 750 mile trek towards the pole.

In conclusion I found the Jeep Compass to be comfortable and adaptable. It drives well on and off the road and is surprisingly spacious. The technology is intelligent and responsive and ironically, although being called a Compass, there was no need for any compass when the on-board satellite navigation is turned on. I would certainly welcome the Jeep Compass as part of my team on my next expedition.


There you have it, even explorers appreciate SatNav! Thanks Antony for giving us the lowdown on the Jeep Compass. Antony arrived at Hercules Inlet the start point for his expedition on the 2nd December. You can follow his adventure here.