Five New Cars to Watch

Five New Cars to Watch



It’s that time of year again when many of us look out on the roads for those lucky people driving shiny new cars, given away by the 63 number plates they are sporting. With that new car smell to the interior and the unmistakable shine on the outside there is something very special about driving a brand new motor. When it comes to new cars in Exeter, Cornwall and Plymouth, there is very little that Vospers New Car Sales Director, Jonathan Tremain, doesn’t know. Here are five of his hot picks with the 63 plate.

Fiat 500L MPW (multipurpose wagon)
Plenty of people have been falling in love with the new takes on the Fiat 500 lately. The Fiat 500L delivered a family size car with the unique Fiat 500 personality and this, the latest iteration of the car, is the biggest yet and is available as an option with a huge seven seats. Inside the cabin, there is plenty of room to change the arrangement of the seats to increase legroom and decrease boot space and vice versa. A practical drive, this one has massive boot space coming in at almost 650 litres compared to the 410 litres in the 500L. It’s still the economical drive that we’ve come to expect from the Fiat 500 family.

Jonathan’s Fiat 500L MPW review in three words: fun, practical, stylish.

Renault Captur
This is one car that has certainly ‘Captur-ed’ imaginations in the South West. Noted as an urban crossover vehicle, the Renault Captur offers a fun drive inside and out. With its 24 colour combinations and multiple interior options and roof decals it delivers the ultimate opportunity for a customised and stylish drive.  The Renault Captur offers a practical drive at a great price that’s perfect for families.

Jonathan’s Renault Captur review in three words: Stylish, family, fun

Nissan Micra
Superminis are becoming more and more popular and the Nissan Micra’s latest makeover has reinvented this punchy small car. On the interior an injection of technology sees the dash blessed with a 5.8 inch screen to its centre console. It’s a comfortable drive with plenty of personality perfect for nipping about the city. Reviewers rate the boot size of 265 litres as generous for a car of this size.

Jonathan’s Nissan Micra review in three words: Dynamic Street Car

Jeep Grand Cherokee
It is little wonder that the Grand Cherokee is Jeep’s flagship vehicle and the latest incarnation hasn’t disappointed. The exterior has had a refresh with design touches improving the overall look as well as two exhaust pipes and body coloured mirrors coming as standard for all models. When it comes to the driving experience, every model also features four wheel drive and an impressive eight speed gearbox. The fuel efficiency has been worked on to deliver increased miles per gallon. It’s a beefy drive that doesn’t stint on safety.

Jonathan’s Jeep Grand Cherokee review in three words: Best Luxury SUV

Nissan Note
It’s another one to watch from Nissan and this supermini is more generous than most with legroom in the rear. The interior is flexible with its sliding rear seat and the exterior has been restyled to deliver a smoother profile. If safety is your priority then the new Nissan Note has got to be on your wish-list with its ‘lane departure’ warning beeps, blind spot warning as well as plenty of other clever touches. This car certainly offers big features in a small package.

Jonathan’s Nissan Note review in three words: Anticipate the unexpected

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