Petrolicious MPG champ landscape




The new Ford Fiesta smashed records on the UK’s annual MPG Marathon proving its fuel-sipping credentials within months of going on sale.

While the petrol new Fiesta on the 350-mile event was turbo-charged and boasted 125PS, smooth driving techniques sealed an average 97mpg – blitzing the previous 84mpg record and crowning it new Petrol Champion.

The diesel new Fiesta beat the 108.8mpg benchmark set five years ago by the prior Ford supermini by pushing the record up to 122mpg to take Overall Champion title.

Ex- works rally team Andy Dawson and Andrew Marriott drove the petrol Fiesta and journalist Paul Clifton with Ian McKean piloted the diesel.  Both six-speed cars were coaxed to exceed their official mpg numbers by 48.3 and 51.2 per cent respectively.

They followed six simple Ford eco-driving tips which can help all drivers save fuel – and money:

  1. Service your car and check the oil level regularly.  Correctly maintained cars operate more efficiently
  2. Check tyre pressures monthly.  Underinflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by up to four per cent
  3. Do not carry unnecessary weight in the boot or cabin
  4. Remove empty roof racks and keep windows shut, especially before driving at high speeds.  This will reduce wind resistance, reducing fuel use by up to 10 per cent
  5. Drive smoothly, looking as far as possible ahead – and behind.  Sudden acceleration and braking penalise fuel economy
  6. When accelerating, select higher gears as early as possible. Ford models have gear-shift indicators to optimise gear selection

Andy Dawson, Ford lead driver on the MPG Marathon, said:  “Maximising fuel economy not only saves money, but smooth driving can also be fun thanks to the new Fiesta’s brilliant steering and suspension.  Using less fuel also means reduced emissions, limiting motorists’ environmental impact.”

The all-new Ford Fiesta has been on sale since July, with over 15,000 sold to date.  The UK favourite has been Britain’s best seller every year since 2008.

Kevin Griffin, Ford of Britain sales director, said:  “Congratulations to our professional ‘hypermilers’ for demonstrating how well new Fiesta responds to frugal motoring.  Fiesta has earned its high place in the sales charts by being outstanding in so many areas – technologically advanced, well styled inside and out, safe and affordable – with green also guaranteed.”