Loving the new Nissan Qashqai. Local rugby stars tell us why.

Loving the new Nissan Qashqai. Local rugby stars tell us why.



The Nissan Qashqai has taken the UK by storm. It’s very rare to take a drive and not spot at least a few on your journey, no matter how short. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that this mighty but practical and accessible crossover has sold over 2 million to date. The Nissan Qashqai was first launched in 2007 so, some six years later it was about time we saw a new one. Nissan delivered just that last month and it has been received pretty well. With more space in the cabin, increased boot capacity and a new range of engine sizes there is plenty that is new, but it will come as a relief to fans that the best bits remain the same.  Vospers Blog caught up with Don Armand of Exeter Chiefs and James Owen of Plymouth Albion, both proud drivers of the Qashqai to get their view.

Don Armand of Exeter Chiefs, who has been playing rugby since the tender age of 7, heralds from Zimbabwe. Now living and loving life in Exeter, Nissan Qashqai driver, Don, shares his take on the vehicle;

“I find it very easy to drive, plenty of room inside but by no means a bulky car to drive around the small streets of town. It’s great on economy and the diesel engine never lets down on giving enough power.

“I love the 360 degree view technology, great when in a tight spot, but the best thing to boast about is the sky roof though.”

Who would have guessed that even rugby stars love a little help with their parking! James Owen of Plymouth Albion has plenty of compliments too. When it comes to his Nissan Qashqai Plymouth born James especially loved the comfort factor the car offers;

“Myself and a few of the other players commute daily between Newquay and Plymouth. It can be pretty fatiguing on top of six hours training a day. The Qashqai does the job with no bother and the driving position can be individually tailored to suit you perfectly which makes for an effortless drive.

“It feels like driving a much smaller car and it’s really good for nipping around lanes at home as well as cruising well on the motorway.”

Sounds like the Nissan Qashqai fits the bill for these two sporting stars then. Keep your eyes open on the streets of Plymouth and Exeter for Qashqais filled with beefy rugby players!

Check out the full interviews with Don Armand and James Owen here soon.