MG Cyberster in Red.

MG Cyberster: Conquering the Globe



The world’s first commercially available electric 2-seater convertible, the MG Cyberster, has embarked on an epic adventure! The Cyberster is driving over 10,000 miles from London to Shanghai. It will be crossing several continents on a seven-month journey. The trip celebrates MG’s 100th anniversary in 2024.

At the wheel of the Cyberster are two British adventurers who are no strangers to daring feats: identical twins Ross and Hugo Turner. These brothers have already conquered the Atlantic Ocean by rowboat and braved the icy expanse of Greenland’s Ice Cap.

Ditching range anxiety concerns, this road trip is a victory lap for the Cyberster. MG enthusiasts across six continents will get a chance to witness the car firsthand. They’ll be able to admire the Cyberster’s cutting-edge design, both inside and out, witnessing the power of its innovative dual-motor electric drivetrain in action.

The world’s first two-seat electric convertible might seem like an unusual choice for a 10,000-mile journey. But for these professional adventurers, it’s just another challenge. Their mission: to use cutting-edge technology and purposeful expeditions to inspire people to explore and learn about our world in new ways.

The Turner Twins sat on the MG Cyberster.

When Hugo was 17, he sustained a broken neck and after six months of surgery, that kind of spurred us on to travel the world and was the start of our first big adventure back in 2011 when we rowed the Atlantic.” Ross Turner

Kicking off their electric odyssey, the Cyberster joined MG enthusiasts at the Cambridge Owners’ Club. The futuristic convertible even led a parade with its classic kin. Including a cherished 1920s roadster – a true symbol of MG’s heritage.

The MG Cyberster in London.

“We’re thrilled to see the Cyberster embark on this momentous journey in celebration of MG’s centenary year in 2024, and to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to driving the future of electrification. We’re excited to be introducing MG customers across the globe to a new generation of high-performance MGs.” Guy Pigounakis, Commercial Director of MG Motor UK

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