Off Road Expert Test Drives Mazda CX-3

Off Road Expert Test Drives Mazda CX-3



The Mazda CX-3 is a small car which drives like a big one. It is described by Car and Driver Magazine as “a fun and feisty runabout with a can-do attitude.” Down here at Vospers – Marsh Mills Plymouth we love to test these bold claims, and thought it would only be fair to let our off-road expert and friend Nick Agg-Manning back into his comfort zone – test driving large SUV’s, after challenging him to drive a selection of Electric Cars last week. Would we he think? Could he remember how to drive an SUV? Let’s find out…

“Skitty” was the word I used to describe my 24 hours in the Mazda CX-3 when I returned the keys to Vospers Mazda. “What does that mean?” was the reply – so, on looking it up and finding it was the name of a Pokemon Character, I decided that was a word not to use to describe the kinetic energy of this truly awesome small car!

Driving on the edge of Winter Storm ‘Abigail’, I felt at ease in this Sport Nav variant of the all new Mazda, brought to the market as recently as June of this year (2015). She held her traction on firm suspension as we ploughed through the rain, spray and puddles on the A38, her automatic wipers maintaining a clear screen for me to see and the auto lights making sure that others saw me coming!

I had taken possession of the CX-3 Diesel 2 wheel drive, 105 bhp ceramic metallic Mazda from Vospers – Marsh Mills Plymouth complete with some extra body styling and sitting on the most delightful 18” alloy rims which set off the sporty look to this wonderful new vehicle.

Already impressed with the CX-3’s demeanour externally, I got quite excited by all she had to offer me in her purposeful cabin of leather trim, red pipping and informative screens. I truly snuggled into the seat giving me a vantage point of excellent visibility all round. I just loved the ‘Active Driving Display’ – a small but perfectly positioned glass panel that comes up off the dashboard and gives you eye level information as you drive – no need to take your eyes off the road for a second.

With the normal split rear seat options, there is plenty of room in this purposeful vehicle – and I set off towards East Devon to ask as many questions of it as I could over the next 24 hours.

The CX-3’s starting price is from just £17,600, meaning this is surely a vehicle that will satisfy the demand as both a second car as well as a principle commuter – my fuel consumption averaging at 53.6 over the full day test which included City driving as well as giving it a wee push down the A38….although, ‘push’ is not really the right word as she seemed hungry to deliver a superb performance matching her sculptured body which certainly oozes style, sporty good looks and safety.

The quietness of the Mazda engine belied her diesel drive and to have an indicator on the screen advising the driver of the gear deployed is a super addition to the normal information offered.

The ‘Skyactive’ technology is forthright and clearly visible – excellent Map touchscreen with speed indication, speed limit guide and clear routing is supported by sharp technology including Bluetooth and other connectivity ports to make a long journey something to look forward to.

The urgency with which the CX-3 pulled away from standstill is awesome and one can reach the National speed limit in very short order!

Mazda is a stand-alone brand – not part of some huge manufacturing empire, but a single marque that shows pride in what it is producing for the UK market – a value for money, smartly designed, powerful performer which was a joy to drive in a myriad of Devon environments both day and night.

Awesome, value for money, oozing style.. It appears Nick loved the new CX-3. If you’d like to conduct your very own test drive, or to find out more about the CX-3, please call 01752 636363, or come down to showroom at Vospers – Marsh Mills Plymouth and speak to one of the sales team!