Off Road Expert Tests Drive the All New Renault KADJAR

Off Road Expert Tests Drive the All New Renault KADJAR



There’s been a lot of hype around the launch of the all New Renault KADJAR, and down here at Vospers HQ – Marsh Mills Plymouth, we were buzzing to take it out for a test drive. Honest John Magazine said of the KADJAR, “a job well done then. No, better that that – pound-for-pound this is the best mid-size crossover there is.” To decide how truthful they were being we invited our good friend and off road expert Nick Agg-Manning down to the Vospers Renault Showroom, to put the KADJAR through its paces! Here’s what he had to say!

600 years ago to the day when I drove the KADJAR was the day when Henry Vth was despatching the French at Agincourt (Azincourt). Historians believe that it was solely down to the Archers of England, but in reality, the French Cavalry was funnelled between two Woods and the horses got stuck in the mud……, what would have been the result if the French had a fleet of KADJARs? It could have been so different as their off road ability may have turned the tide!

The All New KADJAR from Vospers Renault boasts a sleek and lean look set well above its 19” alloy wheels and although I drove the Flame Red Dynamique S, the Signature version offers a full crossover menu with more than capable off road technology…..the very thing the French needed at Agincourt!

My specification included the ‘Lighting pack and side bars’ which just added to the gravitas of the vehicle which produced a huge range of torque from 250/1750Nm thanks to the exceptionally quiet direct injection diesel engine refined as one of the maker’s most economical engines capable of producing 70mpg.

I used the A38 dual carriageway to give the KADJAR a chance to express itself through its power assisted steering, strutted suspension (MacPhearson) and comprehensive cab offering total comfort with a uncomplicated yet fully informative dashboard and screen. I know I was achieving high on the MPG scale as there is an Eco advise/fuel consumption read out with score evaluation.

I had the 6 speed manual gearbox with the most perfect movement to block change between 6th and 4th and vice versa which as a result lead to such acceleration from 4th!

I drove up onto Dartmoor and parked her up off road… you can see from my picture, she was not out of place at all in such an environment.                    

The rear seats fold electronically via a button in the rear of the car – a real bonus for those of us who struggle to fold split 60:40 rear seat configurations to accommodate our golf clubs!!

The connectivity of the KADJAR in respect of the Bose sound system, Bluetooth, SatNav etc is everything that you could want and compliment the character of the drive systems that produce such a ready response, especially to the throttle with cornering of sublime equanimity – proven as I negotiated some of the bendy and curvy moorland roads.

Looking in you see a versatile and practical car well suited for the Urban as well as the Country life but, once inside, you get a commanding and full vision of all that is going on externally with splendid visibility and light, always in the sure knowledge that you have a vehicle that is designed to look after you and your passengers.

The KADJAR is easy to drive and easy to understand car that I am sure will become an instant part of the family and an integral part of transporting your loved ones promptly but safely through the towns, the countryside and the lifestyle that will suit you.

600 years too late for the French to use the KADJAR to save Agincourt, but bang on time for you to enjoy it now!

A job well done by Renault then! To find out more about the all new KADJAR, call 01752 636363, visit or pop down to the Renault showroom at Vospers – Marsh Mills Plymouth and speak to one of the sales team!