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Following the official presentation of the new Fiat 600e at Lingotto on July 4th, Fiat have announced the All-New Fiat 600 Hybrid that will be available starting from 2024! Fiat have once again demonstrated their relevance in progressing the world of electric vehicles.

The New Fiat 600 Hybrid – Technology

The Fiat 600 Hybrid is an intelligent and ergonomic solution to the rising demand for electrification from their consumers.

The Hybrid powertrain will be launched with two trim levels: the new Fiat 600 Hybrid La Prima and the new Fiat 600 Hybrid. The MHEV engine fitted to the new Fiat 600 Hybrid uses the latest technology to ensure high performance and comfort. You can expect an ‘ultra-smooth’ driving experience in the and out of city.

The secret behind this ‘ultra-smooth’ performance is the synergy between the 3-cylinder 1.2-litre ICE engine, the 48-Volt Li-ion battery and the new 6-speed electric dual-clutch transmission. This dual-cutch transmission includes a 21-kW e-motor, inverter, and transmission central unit. Resulting in the best optimization for compaction.

The added electric power improves elasticity at low RPM and during take-off, giving the driver a quiet start and prompt response. This technology also enables energy recovery as the vehicle slows down. In typical driving conditions, the engine is designed to optimize fuel consumption saving up to 15% of CO2 emissions in comparison to a pure ICE engines.

The New Fiat 600 Hybrid – Performance

The real question is, how does it perform? The Fiat 600 Hybrid is able to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just about 11* seconds! As well as delivering practically instantaneous torque delivery from the e-motor. As a result, the performance of the combustion engine is quickly supported when restarting, optimizing performance and mitigating the “turbolag” effect.

If you are starting up in pure electric mode, the combustion engine will be ignited to assist in the demand for power.

Driving electric

The hybrid power supply has many advantages, one such advantage being that the electric motor improves the vehicle’s overall efficiency and dynamics. As well as this, Electric-only power supply can be used for:

  • E-Creeping: the vehicle can move slowly in pure electric with the eMotor..
  • E-Launch: the vehicle can launch with eMotor while ICE is off, releasing the brake and managing the gas pedal.
  • E-Queuing: Perfect for high traffic areas, the vehicle can use a stop&go in combination with e-creeping.
  • E-Parking: All parking maneuvers in first gear and reverse are powered by only the electric motor.

Additionally, the hybrid power supply is designed to recover energy during deceleration. The advantages of this technology are lower consumption and emissions, more respect for the environment and less noise pollution.

Other Features

The new Fiat 600 Hybrid provides plenty of space, being 4.17 meters length and having five-doors. The car fits five people comfortably and even has 15L of interior storage. As well as this the trunk has 385L of load capacity!

This vehicle is ideal for anyone looking for an eco-friendly mobility solution. The entry version of the new Fiat 600 Hybrid takes eco to the next level boasting exclusive recycled-fabric seats with white accents and a matte black bio-based plastic dashboard fascia. The La Prima version offers 100% pure style, tech, and comfort ensuring an immersive Italian Dolce Vita experience. The vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art safety and assistance features, as well as extra-urban mobility with Level 2 Assisted Driving.

The Fiat 600 Hybrid also offers its customers two packages of connected services, these being Connect One and Connect PLUS. Connect ONE is focused primarily on security needs and comes included as standard. The Connect PLUS pack, however, is designed to enhance the overall comfort of the driving experience. It includes navigation services, features to remotely manage the vehicle via the FIAT app, to monitor the driving style and more.


The Fiat 600 Hybrid is set to arrive in the UK later in 2024. We plan to provide continuous updates as Fiat release more details about the Hybrid vehicle. If you want to receive these updates be sure to follow our Fiat Plymouth, Fiat Exeter or Fiat Truro facebook page. Alternatively you can ask a member of our sales team any questions you might have.