Peugeot E-3008

Vospers News | Peugeot E-3008 Reveal!



The time is finally here, the New Peugeot E-3008 has arrived! With it comes a new generation of high-performance electric Peugeot vehicles. The E-3008 boasts a number of amazing design elements and technical features which we will discuss in this post.

Peugeot E-3008 | Design

Peugeot has taken the creativity of its design, driving pleasure and electric performance to a whole new level with the creation of the E-3008. Let’s take a closer look at the design elements.

The fastback SUV styling of the new E-3008 makes it immediately recognisable as a Peugeot whilst embodying a step forward for the brand. The aerodynamic shape of the new E-3008 combines elegance, efficiency and spaciousness. As well as this, the Peugeot E-3008 is one of the most compact cars in the 100% electric SUV category. The car has a length of 4.54m, width of 1.89m and height of 1.64m and still manages to providing 520 litres of boot space!

The front end has been fully re-designed, featuring ultra-compact LED headlamps and sleek grilles complemented by a sweeping aerodynamic profile. This highlights the modernity and unique personality of the E-3008. As well as this Peugeot comes equipped with the new E-3008 with 19” or 20” wheels. The new wheels feature a geometric design, including the new Peugeot emblem at their centre.

The rear of the car has also been modernised. The Peugeot E-3008 has replaced the traditional slope of the fastback with a “floating” spoiler, inspired by the Quartz Concept. This innovative design feature intensifies the curve of the E-3008’s bodywork whilst also optimising the cars aerodynamics.

The Peugeot E-3008 is available in a range of six colours! That’s not even the most exciting thing about the colour of this model. Peugeot decided to use innovative dichromatic pigments for the Obsession Blue. Meaning the colour changes from blue to green depending on how the light hits the body. The other colours available are Ingaro Blue, Okenite White, Nera Black, Cumulus Grey and Titane Grey.

Peugeot E-3008 | Electrified Performance

The E-3008 is the first Peugeot model to use Stellantis’ brand-new STLA Medium electric powertrain. This powertrain has been designed to offer best-in-class performance and meet customers’ needs. The medium electric powertrain gives the E-3008 a whopping range of up to 435 miles! It gets even better. the recharge time from 20 -80% takes just 30 minutes from a 160kW charger.

As well as this, the STLA Medium is host to a permanent magnet synchronous motor that operates in tandem with an electric gearbox. Deliver more power, efficiency and torque.

There are two types of on-board chargers are available for AC charging, as well as an 11kW three-phase charger as standard. There is also the option to have a 22kW three-phase charger. For DC rapid recharging, the Mode 4 socket on the new E -3008 is capable of charging speeds up to 160kW.

The new E-3008 also features a V2L (Vehicle to Load) function. Allowing customers to have the option of powering an electrical device via the car’s high-voltage battery. The system can supply up to 3kW and 16A. The V1G or Smart Charging function can also adjust the time taken and power used when charging the battery to optimise charging costs.

Peugeot Panoramic i-Cockpit Technology

The new Peugeot Panoramic i-Cockpit features a floating, curved 21” HD panoramic screen that combines the head-up display with the central touchscreen. The panoramic screen has been perfectly positioned for optimum ergonomics. Not only this but the panoramic screen is slightly curved towards the driver whilst still remaining perfectly accessible to the passenger.

Next to the panoramic screen you will find the instrument cluster which combines all the information relating to driving such as; speed, power, driving aids and energy flow. In the centre of the dashboard, the touch-screen is used to manage the heating/air conditioning, navigation and media/connectivity systems.

The central part of the E-3008’s dashboard houses the i-Toggles, fully customisable touch-sensitive buttons that can be programmed to provide quick access to 10 of the user’s favourite functions. Meanwhile, the cabin’s aesthetics and cutting-edge technology are enhanced by the ambient LED lighting, which can be customised in eight different colours.

A new compact and ergonomic steering wheel with touch-sensitive controls heightens the feeling of modernity, and Peugeot’s Air Quality System (AQS) ensures that the cabin is a refreshing and calming place to be. The new Peugeot Panoramic i-Cockpit also introduces two paddles behind the steering wheel which allow the driver to choose from three levels of regenerative braking.

  • Low (-0.6m/s²), for a feeling close to that of conventional brakes.
  • Medium (-1.2m/s²), for increased deceleration.
  • High (-1.8m/s²), for maximum deceleration, and therefore regeneration.

The medium and high levels automatically switch on the rear brake lights.


The Peugeot E-3008 is finally here and it’s better than we ever could have hoped for, the vehicle is home to a cacophony of design features and technological advancement which will give you the best possible driving experience. You can find out more via Peugeot’s website or receive announcements and updates via the Vospers Peugeot social media pages for Plymouth and Torquay. Alternatively visit our website and look out for the E-3008 release.