Winter Driving: Don’t let the colder weather drive you mad

Winter Driving: Don’t let the colder weather drive you mad



Winter Driving Tips from Vospers Blog

It seems like only yesterday that we were sharing tips on summer holiday driving and keeping your cool on summer roads. But, here we are and autumn is setting in. There is certainly a crisp chill in the air and the rain is putting in more than a few appearances. All this adds up to the fact that it won’t be long before that day when you go to get in your car in the morning and Jack Frost has been at your windscreen. Start preparing now for winter driving ahead.


Maintain your visibility

The time of year and the weather dictate some tough visibility. While a little winter sun is gorgeous when you’re strolling in the countryside, it’s not so hot when you’re driving. The winter sun is low and this can be pretty blinding when you’re driving so giving yourself the best visibility is essential. Keep your screenwash topped up with a winter anti-freeze version and don’t forget to keep the inside of the windscreen free from dust and smears. It’s also important to check the state of your wipers at the start of the season too as if they have rotted or damaged over summer it can impair your vision.


Get a grip

The past few years have seen some pretty terrible snow conditions over winter that have seen many of us stuck at home. Snow chains can provide some assistance but they’re only good for very poor conditions and they can’t be used on roads without snow so you would need to change them mid journey. An everyday alternative that experts recommend is a change to winter tyres which can help you safely through the winter months. With a higher silica content, these tyres resist hardening at low temperatures and so maintain a better grip on cold and icy roads.


Scrape don’t scratch

Hands up who is guilty of using just any old thing they can find to scrape ice off their windscreen on a cold and frosty morning? While it is tempting when you’re in a hurry to use that credit card or even CD case to scrape the ice off, you run the risk of scratching your windscreen. Don’t be tempted to pour red hot water over the windscreen to melt the ice either. The drastic temperature could crack your windscreen and also the water could re-freeze on your windscreen when you pull away or on the road to create dangerous icy patches. Like it or not, the only solution is de-icer and a windscreen scraper. Get them in the car now if you haven’t already and you’ll be glad you did.


Shed some light on it

Muddy, wet roads can lead to a build-up of dirt on your lights and with darker mornings and nights ahead that is the last thing you need. Give your lights a regular wipe-off with a soft cloth to keep them at their best. Don’t forget also to carry some spare bulbs with you.


Don’t be late!

While the darker mornings mean that most of us are not keen to come out from under the covers any earlier than essential, giving yourself an extra few minutes to de-ice in the morning will save time and energy in the long-run. Poor road conditions may also see minutes added to your journey to work so like it or not, getting out of bed just a little earlier will cut your stress in the long run.


Share your winter driving tips

If you have more winter motoring tips then do share them with our readers below.