Behind the Scenes of the Ultimate Frisbee Game with Mazda



Behind the Scenes of the Ultimate Frisbee Game with Mazda
As if we weren’t excited enough about the arrival of the sporty new Mazda MX-5, the team at Mazda have given us something else to love about this brand too. They have launched a Youtube video called Fun in the Sun featuring a team of guys playing an awe inspiring game of extreme Frisbee, while driving a car!  It looked like great fun so we at the Vospers Blog wanted to find out a little more. We had a chat with the creators of the film to get the lowdown.

According to Mazda, the crew in the film are pretty darned experienced in their fields. The drivers in the MX-5 are none other than renowned stunt drivers, Paul Swift and Gordon Clendinning. These guys are so skilled behind the wheel that it should come as no surprise that Paul actually achieved a world record at the tender age of seven when he drove his family ride-on lawn mower for 230 metres on two wheels.

[youtube id=”NPTQy8Ad74k” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The extreme Frisbee players are Justin Foord and Dominic Clark from Great Britain Ultimate, Great Britain’s leading Frisbee team. They joined Paul and Gordon for two days filming and fun to create the video. They didn’t get to travel to glamorous places for the recording though – it was filmed on the University of London Docklands Campus and the Longcross Race Circuit in Surrey. There was us thinking they may have enjoyed their ‘Fun in the Sun’ in NYC!