Top Tips for Travelling with Kids by Car

5 Top Tips for Travelling with Kids by Car



5 Top Tips for Travelling with Kids by Car

Aah the signs of summer are in the air. We’ve enjoyed some gloriously sunny days in the past couple of weeks and we’re hoping for more to come.

We don’t know about you but our thoughts are turning to days out with the children. If you’ve watched the antics of family travel by car in the Fiat 500L Motherhood video you could easily think it will be mayhem.

Don’t fear though because Vospers Blog caught up with our friends at the Noah’s Ark Childcare Group and asked their experts for five top tips for those of you planning to travel with kids by car.


1. Is everyone sitting comfortably?

Safety is a priority. Make sure your child car seats are right for the age and size of your children, so they are both safe and comfortable – a useful website, created with the support of the Department of Transport, is


2. How much do you have to pack?

There is no doubt that when you travel with kids by car, a lot of planning is needed. Plan your packing beforehand and get your luggage in the car before putting the children in – either involve your children with the packing or find something for them to do that they enjoy and can occupy themselves so they are not just sat there waiting and getting bored even before you start!


3. Will your kids enjoy the trip?

Think of activities they like that can work in the car. You could buy a seat organiser so your child can easily store and access their favourite items, whether electronic gadgets, paper and pens or books.


4. How can I make life easier for myself?

Remember the essentials and keep them nice and handy – drinks (in small containers), healthy snacks (small boxes of raisins are great for young children), wet-wipes. Travelling with kids by car can get messy so remember a carrier bag to put the rubbish to save you time and hassle the other end!


5. Are we nearly there yet?

Let your children know in advance that you are going to mix and match the journey – times for different things e.g. quiet, radio/CD playing, activities and yes, games – a great website is where you can download all sorts of useful games for you and the children to play together so the time goes more quickly for everyone – have fun and enjoy!!


Many thanks to the team at Noah’s Ark Childcare Centres based in the Plymouth area for their fantastic tips! You can find them at

Watch out soon for our guide to the best family cars including the Fiat 500L and more.

If you have more top tips on travelling by car with children then please do share them with us.