On the Streets on Plymouth with Nissan Note

On the Streets on Plymouth with Nissan Note



There are no two ways about it the new Nissan Note is packed with a lot of features for a small car. Perhaps this is why it is called a ‘supermini’ though even Superman would struggle to deliver on this many safety features and gadgets.

It would look great in any showroom but the team at Vospers just couldn’t help thinking that this car, which proves amazing things can come in small packages, deserved just a little bit more ‘noise’. Last week, that is quite literally what happened when the team invited an amazing talented group of singers to visit Plymouth and showcase the Nissan Note’s features in stunning style.

Richard, Aidan, Tom and Richard of the Ministry of Fun in London got together as the Singers of Note especially to herald the arrival of the new Nissan Note in Plymouth. All four are talented singers and actors and joined the Vospers team in Plymouth to bring some X Factor quality to the city. Perhaps testament to this small car’s surprisingly roomy interior, all four men managed to comfortably fit inside and used the car as part of their performance as they celebrated the ‘high tech features’ through a bespoke song sounding not unlike the toe-tapping hit ‘Footloose’.

The quartet put in a lively performance and surprised crowds in the city with bursts of their tune which lauded the Nissan Note’s ‘Around View, if parking’s hard for you’ and ‘Google Send to Car, plan journeys near or far’.

Given the car’s name the Singers of Note were a very fitting way to put the Nissan Note in the spotlight and, while the song might not make number one in the national charts any time soon, it was certainly a hit in the Vospers showroom in Plymouth.