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The all-new MG3 is a technologically advanced hybrid supermini that offers a remarkable combination of performance, efficiency, and refinement. Two specs will be available in the UK when it launches. Each one boasting MG’s all-new Hybrid+ powertrain. The hybrid system is fitted with a larger battery as well as a more powerful electric motor comparative to that of its competitors.

With all the attributes to become a leader in its class, the all-new MG3 will offer customers a combination of efficiency and performance with MG’s exciting Hybrid+ powertrain.” David Allison, MG Motor UK Head of Product and Planning.

MG3 | A Contemporary Look

The MG3 longer and wider than the model it replaces, meaning, more interior space for the driver and their passengers. Did we mention it has the largest boot space in the hybrid B-segment class. The all-new MG3 also has a range of styling features that have been specially designed by MG’s Shanghai studio. This includes alloy wheels, LED headlights, in addition to a new colour palette.

There are six paint schemes available for UK customers. Arctic White, Battersea Blue, Dynamic Red, Black Pearl, Monument Silver, and Hampstead Grey.

MG3 | Hybrid+ Powertrain

MG’s all-new Hybrid+ powertrain technology is the first conventional, non-plug-in hybrid system fitted to an MG model. At its core, there are five key elements to the system:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Battery
  • Electric motor
  • Generator

Although efficiency is this technologies core focus, the electrified technology naturally delivers excellent performance benefits. This is evident from the MG3 having the fastest accelerating hybrid B-segment model in the class. 0-62mph in just 8.0 seconds! The car also accelerates to motorway speeds (50-75mph) is just as impressive, at just 5.0 seconds.

The all-new MG3 features a 75kW 1.5-litre petrol engine a 100kW electric motor and a separate generator motor which allows for a variety of powertrain operating modes.

  • EV – Running on electric-only power for as long as charge allows.
  • Series – Engine runs through to the generator, which powers the electric motor for drive.
  • Series and Charge – Series driving, plus topping-up the battery when under low-load.
  • Drive and Charge – Engine drives the wheels, while also charging the battery through the generator.
  • Parallel – Both engine and electric motor power the wheels.

This not only provides class-leading performance figures, but also allows for flexible running regardless of the driving environment. With a more powerful motor installed, much of the high load driving such as accelerating can be carried out under electric power. The petrol engine seamlessly supports this by taking over at higher speeds.

MG3 Engine

MG3 | Dynamic Handling & Refinement

The all-new MG3 offers a dynamic driving experience like no other by combining the expertise of MG’s engineers in both Europe and China. The chassis and suspension have even been fine-tuned for the different markets.

The cars compact proportions and an agile set-up offers a more refined drive whilst retaining MG’s ‘fun-to-drive’ ethos. New ultra-high stiffness components were used in the chassis, alongside suspension elements designed to reduce weight and improve grip. Engineers have focused on engine and suspension mounts, sound absorbing materials, and transmission design to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness to provide a premium driving experience.

Perhaps most importantly the MG3’s responsiveness is enhanced by having the choice of three driving modes – Eco, Standard, and Sport. Eco mode is geared towards optimum fuel economy, providing a gentle throttle response for drivers. Standard is the perfect balance between economy and performance and works well for most trip types. Sport, on the other hand, sees a more responsive calibration, making the most of the combined power output and delivering some of the best performance figures in the hybrid supermini class.


More refined, yet also bringing MG’s fun-to-drive philosophy to the market, the MG3 is excellently equipped, both with premium interior features and MG Pilot safety systems.” David Allison, MG Motor UK Head of Product and Planning.

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