Vauxhall & Tesco Partnership

Vospers Blog | Vauxhall & Tesco Offer a Year EV charging Credit



Vauxhall is partnering Tesco to provide new Vauxhall electric vehicle (EV) customers with one year’s free charging credit!

Powered by leading EV charging station provider Pod Point, Tesco now holds 2,700 charging bays across 619 Tesco stores nationwide. This makes it the country’s largest supermarket charging network. The network boasts a mix of 7kW, 22kW, 50kW and 75kW charging stations across locations.

The charge points are accessible for all EV drivers. New Vauxhall retail customers, however, will benefit from one year’s worth of free charging credit when visiting Tesco. As part of the partnership all 2,700 charge bays across Tesco stores will be updated with a Vauxhall & Tesco co-branded design.

Tesco stores attract millions of visitors per month and can be found within a 10-minute drive for over 70% of the UK population. Vauxhall’s partnership with Tesco is sure to enhance the UK’s EV charger network allowing for greater ease and convenience for EV drivers across the country.

“We’re committed to electrifying Britain and helping UK motorists to make the switch to electric. We are excited to begin working with Tesco and look forward to seeing the UK’s charging network grow, allowing even more convenient charging solutions for drivers to make their day-to-day journeys.” James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall

Vauxhall | Electric Streets of Britain

Vauxhall’s partnership with Tesco comes as part of its wider Electric Streets of Britain initiative. The initiative arose to address the lack of on-street charging provisions in the UK. Vauxhall began the campaign in response to exclusive research that revealed over 70% of UK councils surveyed did not have a published strategy in place for residential on-street charging. As well as this, 69% of local authorities had yet to install any on-street charger at all.

Vauxhall Tesco charge point

Through the Electric Streets of Britain Initiative, Vauxhall has established an ‘Enablement Fund’ to help enhance the knowledge and understanding residential on-street charging needs among Local Authorities. If you want to have on-street residential EV chargers installed near you, you can register your interest at The information in this new national database will then help councils across the UK to determine where best to focus their investment. This will ensure they help as many people as possible to make the switch to electric.