Fiat 500e Gelateria

Vospers News: Fiat 500e Gelateria Edition



Fiat has created the world’s smallest gelateria for the UK, the Fiat 500e Gelateria Edition! An all-electric, zero-emissions-in-use and compact solution to serving ice cream within city environments in and around the UK.

A One-Off Concept

Fiat has visualised the ice cream ‘van’ of the future by unveiling the world’s smallest, zero-emissions-in-use, gelateria. A one-off concept of the all-electric Fiat 500e Convertible. The stunning-looking Fiat 500e Gelateria Edition concept combines elements of a traditional ice cream van with Italian design.

Despite the car’s compact size, it’s able to serve around 300 people per day! The Fiat 500e Gelateria Edition is a compact and sustainable solution to the highly-polluting ice cream vans of old. Many of the ice cream vans currently in use are powered by diesel engines that idle to power on-board appliances.

The Fiat 500e Gelateria: Why now?

Camden, Greenwich, and Westminster City councils have already restricted combustion-engine ice cream vans due to air and noise pollution. As well as this, 14 UK cities will be introducing low emission zones in place by the end of 2024. This includes the significant expansion of ULEZ into all London boroughs on 29th August. These restrictions could interfere with the ice cream vans industry.

Fiat investigated Brits’ feelings towards ice cream vans and found that 92% have bought ice cream from an ice cream van. 83% of people agree that ‘ice cream vans are a quintessential part of British culture’. As well as this, nearly half (48%) said they would be upset if ice cream vans disappeared alltogether.

About the Fiat 500e Gelateria Edition

Design Features

The 500e Gelateria Edition features an entirely bespoke interior as both the passenger and rear seats have been removed. The server is able to freely move around inside the car, serving gelato to customers over the rear of the car as can be seen in the image below.

The gelateria adopts a unique two-tone colour finish that evokes the spirit of a classic, local Italian gelateria of the 1950s. The interior and exterior of the Gelateria Edition are decorated with light blues and cream colours. Of course the wheels are designed to match the aesthetic.

The 500e Gelateria Edition also features a unique cream dashboard finish with bronze Gelateria badging alongside a reupholstered driver’s seat. There is also a unique Gelateria badge in bronze cursive style has been placed on the boot and wings to highlight the model as a one-off concept.


In terms of practicality, frozen gelato trays are mounted above a bespoke cabinet containing dual battery-powered freezers storing up to 30 litres of gelato! That is enough to serve approximately 300 people per day. There is also a folding fabric roof down and retro-style canopy that can be raised to provide shade to the onboard display of gelato flavours and server beneath.

Of course, no ice-cream van is complete without an appropriate chime, which is why the 500e Gelateria Edition features a jingle inspired by the operatic sounds of Italy. Passionately, yet softly notifying customers of its presence at the push of a special button on the car’s dashboard.

Deck chairs can be stored within the car so customers can enjoy their freshly served gelato in total comfort. Fiat has also created a new gelato flavour that expresses the brand’s history. Bicerin, a traditional hot drink native to the Italian city of Turin and the birthplace of Fiat, is the inspiration for FIAT’s new gelato flavour. The flavour consists of coffee, chocolate and oat milk ingredients.

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