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Mazda unveiled the Mazda Iconic SP concept car for the first time at Japan Mobility Show! The took place on October 25th, 2023.

The Mazda Iconic SP is a new type of compact sports car concept. It has been designed to adopt to the new era of automation. As well as this, Mazda aimed to capture the emotions of customers who “love cars”. Trying to embody the joy of driving.

The powertrain featured on this concept car is Mazda’s unique two-rotor rotary EV system. As this powertrain is so compact it offers a high degree of layout flexibility. This allows for a low centre of gravity as well as enhanced driving performance. The Batteries are charged using recyclable energy sources. Not only this, but, The rotary engine, used for power generation, is powered by carbon-neutral fuel.

Mazda Iconic SP | Design and Specifications

The vibrant red colour, Viola Red, is a concept colour based on Mazda’s desire to “cherish the colour red.” The primary specifications of the Mazda Iconic SP, released by Mazda, can be seen in the table below.

A Word From Mazda

 “Mazda will always deliver vehicles that remind people that cars are pure joy as well as an indispensable part of their lives. As a car-loving company that mass-produces the inspiring mobility experience, we are committed to shaping the future with our partners sharing the same goal, as well as our fans. Where everyone can proudly say, ‘we love cars’. With such a strong will, Mazda is also committed to enrich life-in-motion for those we serve.” Masahiro Moro, Mazda’s Representative Director, President and CEO

Mazda say they will continue to pursue the ‘Joy of Driving’ and aim to deliver ‘Joy of Living’ by creating moving experiences in the daily lives of their customers’.

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