The inside of a car when someone is taking their driving test.

Vospers Guide: Tips to Pass Your Driving Test



Here at Vospers we know that taking your driving test can be nerve racking, so here are a couple of tips that might help you pass. We hope this guide will help you calm your nerves and keep calm for the test ahead. For the latest copy of the Highway Code follow this link. If you are taking your test during winter you may want to look at our winter driving guide here.

Driving Speed for Your Driving Test

Some people think that driving slowly during your test shows the instructor that you are cautious. Actually, driving too slow would actually have the opposite effect, as you’re likely to delay traffic behind you and cause frustration to other drivers. Plus, driving slow makes you look hesitant and nervous to your examiner.

Stalling or Taking a Wrong Turn During Your Driving Test

You may have heard people say that if you stall or take a wrong turn during your test that this will result in an instant fail. This is not true, your instructor will be examining how you react to stalling or taking a wrong turn so you should keep calm, restart the engine and get back to the route in a timely manner.

Studying the Route

A lot of people think that studying the route before your driving test will improve your chances of passing this, however, is false. There isn’t one set route that your test centre takes, so it’s better to just have good local knowledge instead.

A Common Myth About driving Instructors

There is a common myth that driving instructors have a pass fail quota, meaning that they must pass and fail a certain number candidates each day. This isn’t true. Whether you succeed is purely down to how you drive.

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